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Focus: the location for an active walking and cycling holiday nearby

Focus: the location for an active walking and cycling holiday nearby

Focus is the ideal base for combining an active and sporty holiday with a city trip. We are within walking distance of the historic center of Kortrijk, but at the same time close to the connection of the green region around Kortrijk, which means that both walkers and cyclists will get their money's worth.

We offer various walking and cycling packages:

1. Rolling West Flanders (3 days - 2n, cycling)

For 3 days you follow - slightly and sometimes very sloping - Flemish cycle paths. With Kortrijk as a base, this is the perfect mix to explore beautiful cycling routes during the day in the green outskirts of Kortrijk, already sung about by Willem Vermandere in 'Blanche en zin peird'. After the active effort, a quiet relaxation follows with discovering and strolling through the historic city. All this while the car simply remains where you parked it upon arrival. There is an extensive range of cycling routes with varying degrees of difficulty from 25-95km so that you only have to choose which route you want to follow that day. If desired, we can of course also advise you on routes for which you first have to drive a short distance by car to the starting point of the cycle route.

2. Cycling in West and French Flanders (4 days - 2n, cycling)

During 4 days you can soak up the West and French Flemish culture while cycling via routes that are located near or just over the 'skrève'. Once across the border, France is just around the corner: other traditions, other cafes and restaurants, in short, a different region. In the western border region of northern France, the older population even speaks an old Dutch and the streets have a Flemish name. You explore the half-Flemish/half-French region along small paved country roads, along rivers and canals. In the evening you can of course relax further by exploring the historic part of Kortrijk, just a stone's throw away. You may even be back in time to enjoy the extensive shopping offer in the city.

3. Tailor-made hills of West Flanders (5 days - 4n, cycling)

Flanders according to Jacques Brel: 'Le plat pays qui est le mien' (My flat fatherland). We may not have a real mountain range, but flat? During 5d you can enjoy tailor-made cycling routes that take into account your wishes regarding the number of kilometers to be covered and the strength of the gradients. You choose yourself: do you want to discover the beautiful green landscape as a leisure cyclist or do you see more bread in the occasional tough challenge or do you like to explore the same roads as the cyclists during the Flemish classics? Since the bow cannot always be tense, there is also relaxation: our location is perfect after cycling to either go shopping or discover the historic city or to combine both. You determine the pace yourself

4. Taste the green south of Kortrijk (3 days - 2n, walking)

The green border around Kortrijk is close by. Departure on foot from the hotel or drive a short distance first. We have several walking routes available that are close to the city, but still oh so green. In addition, you can enjoy the tranquility of an extinct canal while walking and explore the golden river 'de Leie'. After an invigorating rest in the hotel, you can continue your evening walk to a cozy restaurant and stroll through the illuminated historic city center before going to sleep.

5. Discover the beautiful south of West Flanders (4 days - 3n, walking)

After first having a taste of the green outskirts around Kortrijk, we go a step further here. After a short drive we arrive in the Land of Mortagne. A beautiful part of the south of West Flanders and ideal to put on your walking shoes. After every active day you can come home to our family hotel and after a wonderful shower you are ready to enjoy a delicious dinner in the evening.

These packages always include room with breakfast, tourist tax and the use of our bicycle shed. It is also possible to reserve a packed lunch or a 3-course dinner in a Kortrijk restaurant.

You can book these packages directly via our website or via email to See you soon!

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Published 26-04-2023 / Copyright © Focus Hotel