In this document you will find the house rules that apply within Focus. By staying with us you agree to these rules and we ask that you respect them during your stay. If you are pointed out during your stay that the house rules are not respected, you must adapt.
Complaints can always be submitted via to the attention of the hotel manager.

We respect your privacy, this is also described in our privacy statement, but we are authorized to enter your room without your permission if the house rules are not observed.

We have a very sensitive fire safety system. Therefore it is strictly forbidden to light fire in the rooms (candles, smoking,...). Hanging out of the window is also strictly prohibited. There are designated places where smoking is allowed. Smoking is only allowed in those places. Please also use the ashtrays we provide there. In case of fire: keep calm! Report a fire to reception or use the nearest fire alarm. Any abuse will be punished. Do you hear the fire alarm go off? Leave the building immediately and do not use the elevator, only the stairs.

You must present a valid ID upon check-in. Minors must always be accompanied by an adult.

You expect visitors during your stay? Please notify the reception in advance. However, visitors are never allowed to stay overnight.

Lost/Found Items: Please inform us of any items you have lost with us or items you have just found. We do our best to get everything back to its rightful owner. Focus is not responsible for the loss or theft of your belongings. Focus, the owners or employees cannot be held liable for any material or immaterial damage that you may experience during your stay. If we notice demonstrable damage after your stay, you can be held liable for the repair and/or renewal costs.

Furthermore, it is prohibited to

- use emergency exits as normal entrances and exits. This can affect their operation in moments of real emergency.
- deliberately damaging or taking Focus property outside the building.
- smoking inside the buildings of Focus. Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking areas. If we find that there is smoking in the room, we are forced to charge the necessary extra cleaning costs (€150). If the fire alarm goes off, we are also obliged to pass on the costs incurred by the fire service to you in full.
- to use narcotics (drugs, nitrous oxide,...) in and around the buildings of Focus.
- to cause nuisance to other guests by, among other things, noise, but also harassing other guests is included here.
- staying in the room with other people than the people checked in.
- receive visitors in your room for paid sexual activities.
- have an animal in your room or in the Focus building.
- leave your room dirty beyond what is reasonable. If we find a room that is excessively dirty, we will have to charge you an additional €25 cleaning fee.
- extend your stay without informing us in advance. You can always extend your stay until 10 am on the day of check out via or 056/21 29 08. Check-out must be before 11 am, after that an extra night will be charged. Do you know in advance that you want to check out late? No problem, inform us and we will look at the possibilities together.

Situations that occur and that are not included in these house rules are decided by the hotel manager of Focus.
October 2021 version