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Staying with a voucher: Bongo, Wonderbox, Vivabox,...

Staying with a voucher: Bongo, Wonderbox, Vivabox,...

Would you like to stay with us with a voucher? Welcome! Here is some additional information. 1. book a stay: Do you have a Bongo voucher? Book via the Bongo website.
For other vouchers: Go to our website and choose the desired location at the top: Focus Hotel, Focus Budget or Focus Boutique. At your preferred location, select the desired check-in and check-out date. Via the search button you get a list with all available rooms at that location. Choose the room you want by clicking the "+" button. Continue to make the reservation, but state in the comments with which voucher you are booking (name + voucher number + control number). When processing the information, we will deduct the counter value of the voucher from the total price of your reservation.

2. room rate - voucher: A voucher for 2p has a value of 95€/night. For this value, we offer you all the flexibility you want: - You can book any accommodation, including our luxury or family rooms. - You can come with more than 2p and impose the difference above the equivalent or you can only come with a voucher of 2p and reserve something extra,... - You can come in off-peak periods or just in a peak period.

This is our own website with the best price. Click here for our accommodations or ask us personally a question.

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